Luis Rubiales: Focus on Gini Hermoso’s kiss is disappointing, says Spain’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper Catalina Cole

Catalina Cole
Spain goalkeeper Catalina Cole said she was disappointed by the Rubiales controversy that clouded her team’s victory.

Spain’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper Catalina Cole told the BBC she was “disappointed” that her team’s victory was overshadowed by the kiss of team mate Jenny Hermoso, president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales.

“I feel sad that football players are not the center of attention,” Cole said. “What disappoints me is that everyone who stops you in the street now talks to you about this and doesn’t say, ‘Congratulations on the World Cup!'”

Cole is unwavering in her support for Hermoso, who said she did not approve of the president of the Spanish Football Federation kissing her on the lips after their victory.

Rubiales is suspended by FIFA after one day of it He confirmed that he would not resign from his position as president of the federation He claimed that the kiss was “mutually mutual”.

Luis Rubiales kisses Jenny Hermoso
Luis Rubiales kisses Gini Hermoso after Spain’s Women’s World Cup final victory over England

Spanish prosecutors opened a Preliminary investigation to see if the incident amounted to sexual assault.

The incident sparked a wave of criticism and heated debate about consent, sexism and abuse of power in Spain and around the world. But for the Spanish players, it feels as if their moment of glory has been forgotten.

“I celebrated here in Mallorca, my home country,” Cole explained. He added, “But there is a part of me that is sad about what is happening. I want to talk about my performance in the World Cup, not about this.”

Cole, who won the UEFA Under-17 and Under-19 Championships and is now the world champion at the age of 22, says she will not play for her national team again until Rubiales steps down.

Some 81 Spanish players signed a letter of solidarity with Hermoso, saying they would not play for the women’s national team while Rubiales remained in charge.

“We reached out to each other,” Cole said. “I think we all had the same idea that what happened couldn’t continue. It happened to our team mate that we care about so much, and we decided we would stand by her no matter what she decided. That’s what we did, that was our decision and that decision is final.” .

Jenny Hermoso plays for the Spain national team
Her colleague Catalina Cole says Jenny Hermoso has received a flood of messages of support

Cole, who has been in direct contact with Hermoso, admits that this is a difficult time for her teammate.

“Her phone is full of all the messages she’s received,” Cole said.

“She’s not in an easy place, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her. But, like I said, we stand by her no matter what.”

The scandal garnered a great deal of attention around the world, with the United Nations Human Rights Office describing Hermoso’s stance on the kiss as a possibility. “turning point”.

When asked about the incident itself, Cole replied: “It’s not that I was surprised. I obviously didn’t like it. I think everyone is talking about something we don’t want to talk about.”

Cole remains defiant against anyone who does not side with Hermoso and her teammates.

“Whoever wants to support us can support us, and whoever doesn’t, don’t need to. In the end, we know what’s right, and that’s it.”

When asked by the BBC if the RFEF could have handled the situation better, Cole’s agent interrupted the interview. So what does Cole want and how do you think this saga will end?

“We are sad because of all this, but I am confident that everything will be resolved and it will go well,” she said.

“We want to keep winning titles. We are footballers, we want to play football, that’s what we love.

“We just want our rights to be respected and for this not to happen again.”

Additional reporting by Lorna Hankin

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